Nowadays travelling is easy and what one looks for in one’s travels is an experience to remember, moments and memories of people to take away.
B&Bs are distinctive establishments and often they have stories to tell.

Flexible times, informal environment and that “at home” feeling are the reasons why staying in a B&B is one of the most comfortable ways to visit new countries, to visit Baunei.

When the alarm clock goes off in the Cinque Mori B&B it’s breakfast time.
To find a way into your hearts, we prepare a buffet breakfast with healthy local produce which is often organic and cooked with care by the house cook, my mother!

Cakes, tarts, waffels, pancakes or muffins, biscuits and freshly baked bread served with local honey, a selection of home made jams, our own dried fruit, ricotta cheese and fresh cheese, acquired whenever possible directly from the shepherd.
For those who prefer a savoury breakfast, we provide a variety of food prepared with the same care.

To wish you a good morning you will find traditional ham, cheese, salami and mortadella and also toast, avocado toast, eggs (from our happy hens), small pizzas and whatever has taken my mother’s fancy!
Each day will be different, unique, an experience to taste in every way.

The breakfast room mirrors the warmth and the heart of our B&B: the warm sound of vynil discs will keep you company.

Baunei awaits you with the promise of an unforgettable holiday

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