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Traditions in Baunei and Santa Maria Navarrese

Folk, Events, Music Festival and more  in Baunei


In our culture the memory of our origins is of primary importance in order to maintain our identity. Our land is rooted in past ages and is very linked to its traditions, specially religious ones.
Baunei, too like all agro-pastoral societies everyday life was punctuated by those rules related to the cycles of production of the earth that come “the holidays” as a moment of prayer and propitiatory rites for a successful crop and to appeace epidemics and famines.
Baunei’s calendar is full of such events and not only…..


January – S. Antonio Abate

The custom keeps roots deep in our country where the darkness of a night is lit up by mid January Fogone (fire) during which between dances and other things the organizers offer good wine and “Sa Paniscedda” typical sweet of this period.
May – S. Rita da Cascia

June – S. Pietro

At the end of June “San Pietro” moves to the mountain near the karst abyss “Su Sterru” near which stands the ancient church and more specifically on the plateau of Golgo.
The festival boasts a very original touch with the procession around the church that takes place in a surreal atmosphere, certainly given by the magical context in wich we are.
Santa Lucia
The festivities are held in her honor on Tuesday after “The Pentecoste” in a Church 12 km far from Baunei where a few centuries ago stood the village of “Eltili” suddenly vanished in ‘500, perhaps as a result of a plague.

July – S. Antioco

At the end of July is the time of three days’ festivities organized by the young unmarried men of the country of “S. Antioco” that here is the patron saint of “Us Bagadius”.

Mid-August holidays

For the charming resort of S. M. Navarrese, is the religious and civil festivity in honor of the Princess come from Spain and escaped from a shipwreck in front of ogliastrine coast.

September – S. Lussorio

Now Baunei moves to the countryside where is located the church in honor of S. Lussorio. In early September the “Fedales” organize two or three days of celebration in his honor. Up to the sixties was called “sa festa de us pippius” and the “obreri” was entitled in the year in which he dealt with the festivity, to cultivate the land around the church.

December – S. Nicola

9 10 June – Artes e Tastus de una ie

“We all change, from one day to another, for unconscious evolution won by the inevitable law of the time that ends today what was yesterday written in the tablets of the mysterious humam hearth.” (G. Deledda)
Culture is an asset that generates life. This terrible moment we are living contains a great opportunity to save those things that generate offers and retain what we need to make life possible.
So it is important to have a story and know how to protect and tell it. This is the goal that from a few years ago the local administration and associations and baunesi themselves try to reach with “artes e tastus de una ie”.
For two unforgettable days Baunei plays the role of the past and opens to visitors though the streets of its old historical center.
A plunge into the knowledge and tastes of our ancestors. And speaking of ancestors, for those who wish to know about their daily lives, Baunei offers the opportunity to visit the ethnographic museum “Sa Dommu Eccia”, organized and managed by the association S. Rita da Cascia.